When I worked

When I worked The balanced person will be always.

to tell the truth to hold promises to be responsible for the behavior Inability to operate the anger and neglect to authorities enemies of integrity.

The person opposing authority tests a temptation to lie and violate promises and after that to justify the negative behavior.

When I worked on this book, scandal among young members of royal family in England reached, apparently, the peak.

In one of books about the prince Charlz his statement was quoted.

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Perhaps, music, reading

Perhaps, music, reading Therefore, mother needs to show an ingenuity and to find a way to improve the mood and to calm down to and during feeding.

Perhaps, music, reading the good book or a telecast will help.

If the child starts shouting at once or falls asleep as soon as he is put to a breast, try to give him other breast from which milk can go better.

It is desirable that he sucked each breast of at least minutes.

But, if he does not want, do not insist.

Some children like to eat with respites, filling up, starting vigorously over again to suck, let will be so.

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Being the girl, Jane

Being the girl, Jane Jane and her mother obviously treat percent.

Being the girl, Jane constantly showed the uncompromising character, but mother kept it in echinoid mittens, and it almost always led to that Jane did in accuracy that spoke to it.

Fortunately, the best friends of the girl went to church therefore also Jane liked to attend Sunday school.

However, in church she sat with a defiant look, but always was together with the mother there.

Having turned into the teenager, she openly rose.

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He counts

He counts But do not consider that he always needs to explain orders which you give it.

At heart he knows that he is still inexperienced.

He counts that you will save him from misfortunes.

He feels safe when you direct his behavior provided that you do it tactfully.


Almost all children from to years occasionally have hysterics.

At this age the child has desires, he starts feeling like the personality.

When to it something is forbidden, he becomes angry.

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How to you my offer? Yes, and we will

How to you my offer? Yes, and we will Ah, at us with you is the whole two hours, the husband told, smiling to the wife.

We can spend for tennis about an hour, and then have breakfast somewhere.

How to you my offer?

Yes, and we will make, the road.

We need to spend sometimes time together.

Whether this scenario is familiar to you?

Whether you noticed something similar at your neighbors or one of friends?

Or, maybe, you and played it?

Children study on the example of parents.

To that will these girls learn?

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We, adults, know

We, adults, know Without it they cannot correctly develop.

When children not in forces to become what as they at heart feel, have to be when they cannot be oneself when life is a continuous series of curve mirrors, they test anger.

We, adults, know how a lot of time was required to us at last to become by itself.

And we remember what anger we tested in relation to those who should accept us and to love such what we are.

And nevertheless many parents who on themselves felt this pain, the deprived opportunities it is correct to develop and open the merits, now deprive of unconditional love of own children.

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All of them

All of them Began to study absolutely badly, lost friends and absolutely spoiled the relations with parents.

All of them against me, do not want me to understand, and younger sister, that in general over me all the time scoffs!

Very much to me it is heavy.

Parents were disturbed for a long time; they asked for the help the psychic in one of the Moscow centers; the psychic, besides own influence, suggested to seem nevertheless to the psychiatrist, the employee of this center.

That, having explained that this age, appointed tranquilizers which the boy had to accept independently so he always had tablets at himself.

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